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Munaf Kapadia

admin Mar 11
Chief Eating Officer, The Bohri Kitchen

Munaf let go of his 4.5 year Online Advertising Career to pursue an f&b project he started with his mother 20 months back, The Bohri Kitchen. The original idea was to simply keep mom busy, so he could get more time with the living room television. But very quickly, with the power of his mother’s sincere cookings skills and Munaf’s average Branding & PR skills, TBK turned into a mini bohri food revolution. The momentum required him to take up the full-time mantle of Chief Eating Officer and identify ways to sell smoked mutton kheema samosas at scale – to ultimately realize TBKs vision of being the brand which takes Bohri Cuisine and culture to non-Bohris across India.

“How I quit Google to sell samosas”

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