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What is SEE (School of Entrepreneurial Exploration)?

School of Entrepreneurial Exploration (SEE) is an NGO was established in 2016 with a mission of getting one million Indians to explore Entrepreneurship.

SEE was set with an objective to help people take that first step and explore their ideas. For this SEE created different types of programs & also a diploma course in association with SIMSREE. The aim is to introduce young minds of India with the practical and theoretical knowledge of what entrepreneurship means anyhow can it benefit them in their future. Moreover it is our endeavor to handhold people in their journey to explore if entrepreneurship is for them or not.

To this end, we also believe that we need an ecosystem where people are enabled to chase their dreams and make a difference to not only themselves but the ecosystem at large. SEE desires to be the torch bearer of this and wants to inspire a nation to dream, conceive, believe and act and hence SEEtalks!

What is SEEtalks?

One way to make someone realize the possibilities of entrepreneurship is to make them experience it. SEEtalks is our endeavor to share inspirational stories from different walk of society that have changed the way we perceive our present and our future. These are stories of positivity and excitement, hope and commitment, desire and fulfillment, inspiration and impact. These are stories that capture human imagination, determination & yearning to see the larger picture and continuously move towards one’s dream.

What is our objective?
  • To share stories will inspire our next generation to take steps which not only helps them but helps the larger society.
  • To make people see the ‘Goodness’ around us which furthers their willingness to act and make change.
  • To create a platform that brings to the forefront hidden and unheard stories of entrepreneurs and inspirations within India.
  • To help people at these location SEE the successful entrepreneurs and interact with them.
  • Help people at these locations explore entrepreneurship through games, exercises and activities.
  • Provide them the belief that entrepreneurship can be pursued and help them take the first step.