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Raj Shah

Raj Shah is a young and dynamic social entrepreneur with vision of creating a grass-root change in Indian Economy by strengthening farmers and providing masses a world class quality health product. He believes in inclusive growth and has been recognized by Boston Consulting Group and CII for inclusion of People with Disabilities in Agriculture. He wants to use his industry knowledge and professional skills to strengthen Indian rural spaces. He believes that technology is today’s driver and enabler. Inclusive growth through convergence supported by technology and moral values will make India a better place to live in. His venture COSMO Natural Care LLP is an Integrated Stevia Ecosystem Expert. COSMO Natural Care LLP believe in use of most efficient technology and innovations, governed by professional project management and controls, to create stevia ecosystem where every stakeholder can sustainably grow for years to come. COSMO Natural Care LLP aim to implement cross -industry best practices in field of Agriculture.

Ghanshya Lukhi

Ghanshyam Lukhi is a Founder of Tapi Food Products which is India’s first food processing company based on Solar Steam Generating System. Established in the year 1999, Tapi Food Products is pioneering itself as a major manufacturer of Papaya Tutty Fruity in the country. Within a decade Tapi Food Products has developed into a key player across numerous categories of fruit based products such as Fruit Jam, Fruit Jelly Bar, Syrups, Squash, Karonda Cherry, Fruit Jelly Cuts etc. in the Indian food industry

Viren Joshi

Viren Joshi is the founder of Manav Sadhna, that has been serving slum communities for the last 26 years. Viren Joshi is a co-founder of Manav Sadhna, an NGO based in the Gandhi Ashram. Under his guidance, Manav Sadhna had been serving thousands of underprivileged kids and women in several of Ahmedabad’s slum communities for the last three decades.


Prasad Gautam

He is someone who was forced to be an engineer and didn’t like being one. He always looked for a calling where he can make money and at the same time make a difference to others life. He quit his jon as an engineer in a mnc and became a farmer. By introducing scinece into how you farm, he made a name for himself and earns more than a crore a year. Not only this he also teaches other farmers to be like him and thus makes a difference in other life.

Story Summary: Do what you like doing and do it better than everyone. Also don’t live to make money for yourself, think what you can give back.

Abhijite Falke

30 Year old professional when saw an episode of Kaun banega karorpati and listened to the story of Aparna Malikar, he was moved. He wanted to do somethig about farmers who were committing sucides and making life misrable for those living behind them. Trough his initiatvie he has transformed 7000 farmers through various intiatives and has made them live a good life. He has also paid off loans of 29 farmers and is on the mission of doing more. All through creating an enterprise which also runs like a professional firm but makes a difference to others.

Story summary: Starting off something needs motivation but sustaining it requires execution and continuous innovation. His story is about these two things.

Akhilesh Paul

He is the one who used to be chased by police and mafia and had 45 cases against him. Today he is the one who is transforming lives of villagers in remote areas of India through football. Akhilesh also has represented India in Brazil and has impressed the coach of Manchester United who urged him to become a coach for poor and downtrodden in the society. Through his enterprise he is bringing a change in the lives of those who never can dream of a good prospect.

Story Summary: His story shows it never matters where you start, what matters the most is where you finish. Also the fact where there is a will, there is a way.


Prateek Bajaj

Inventor of YeLo Khaad – This 22 year old young boy left his CA course to pursue a business which helps farmers double their income by using vermicomposte. He has branded his product “Ye Lo Khaad” and it is created organically. Not only he creates this for his firm but he also trains farmers to build their own vermicoposte free of cost. He feels that while studying for CA and being an accountant would have been great,he wouldn’t have got the happiness which he is getting in making other’s life better. At this young age he has immense wisdom to chart out his own path and show the world if you have the right intent you would go places.

Rahul Talreja

Founder of FS Green Lab – Most of our villages are still not electrified and the supply of electrity is like a boon, this use to pain Nitin Saini and Rahul Talreja even when they were students in DCE.The got their degrees and got jobs in corporate world but the dream to make a difference was always there. They continued their discussions and came up with a solar mobile chargers for rural areas which was readily accepted by the villagers. next was electricity solution for the 8 hour in the night when the electrcity was needed the most. Both of them invented the micro solar grid device and created a company called FS Green lab to provide solar electricity to the remotest places. Result has been encouraging and they have been able to bring electircity to more than 1000+ houses and expanded their reach to Chattishgarh, UP & MP and raring to go. Hear their amazing story of how the mission of lighting up villages keeps them awake.

Naman Gupta

Founder of Code – When Naman saw 100s of cigaratte butts thrown after a party in Gurgaon, he was curious to know what happens to these butts and he was amazed to know that a cigarette butt is made of cellulose acetate, a plastic filter that is not biodegradable and can be around harming the environment for years once discarded. Naman was concerened and he wanted to do something about it and he along with his friend Vishal Kanet, create a waste recycling firm called (CODE) to recycle the most dangerous waste and made it a profitable companies. Their story is very intersting as they speak about idea generation, marketing, branding, supply chain and distribution and above all the fact doing good to society shouldn’t always be free of cost. Naman will present his journey to showcase if the intent is right, ways open up.

Akash Singh

Innovator – He is just 17 year old and studing in a polytechinc in Manesar but Akash singh is an inspiring kid. Last year he has created a device which could generate energy from wind and that invention was noticed by Prime minister’s office. That device is being tested by the renewable energy department for further use. But Akash hasn’t stopped him from inventing a stick for his grandfather which charges the mobile and his torch while he uses it. This is going to be a boon for old people as they need these two things with them all the time and also the fact that this stick has a braking system which allows the old people to stop it whenever they want. How does Akash thinks of such innvoative ideas and more importantly how does he converts it into reality is something he would like to speak about. He would also speak about his dreams of making this world better through innvoations and how technology should be used to do good.